Pendersons Group

Railway Traineeships

A Pendersons Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on unlocking the potential of young people, aged 18+. The programme aims to give them the skills and experience, preparing them for a future career in the rail industry or logistics & warehousing sector by helping them to become ‘work ready’. Pendersons can give young people real exposure to what can be expected by an employer.

The Pendersons programme lasts 12 weeks with both practical and classroom based activities. Learners will be taken through a detailed programme that includes the following:

  • Health & Safety training – covering the employer and employee responsibilities
  • Manual training
  • Fire Awareness training
  • Basic safety for working ‘on or near’ railway infrastructure or in a warehouse environment
  • Safe and correct use of commonly used tools
  • Practical work experiences
  • Completion of a Level 1 Employability qualification
  • Flexible training – in other relevant areas to help them get ready for work, such as job search and interview skills, time-keeping and team working.

Throughout their attendance learners will have worked with skilled and experienced individuals. At the end of the traineeship learners are invited to an interview with a potential employer for an Apprenticeship position (Level 2 Diploma Modern Apprenticeship Framework).

So what are the benefits of Traineeships?

  • The flexibility of traineeships offers employers the opportunity to help build a pool of high quality future recruits
  • Traineeships allows learners to be in a better position to advance onto an apprenticeship or other sustainable job prospects
  • Understanding the basic rules and regulations that apply in a working environment
  • Giving young people exposure to a real workplace so they can develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed at work.
  • Improving English and Maths skills, boosting learner’s career prospects
  • Guaranteed interview at the end of the Traineeship

Traineeships are unpaid, however they are an ideal opportunity if learners are motivated to get a job but lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

Applicants must be:

  • Drug & Alcohol free (on-going testing)
  • Physically & mentally fit
  • Be able to complete a 12 week course at our Burslem depot
  • Special interest in applicants with full driving licence and car
  • Must NOT have achieved an NVQ Level 3 in any subject

 The qualifications to be gained are as follows:

  • Certificate in employability and personal development (60042655)
  • Functional Skills in Maths & English (Level 1)
  • Network Rail Medical including Drugs & Alcohol Test
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Awareness
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
  • PTS E Learning Module
  • Personal Track Safety Certificate (AC)
  • Direct Current Conductor Rail (DCCR) Module
  • Track Induction Course (TIC)
  • Industry Common Induction (ICI)
  • OLEC 1
  • Small Plant
  • C&G Technical Certificate 7597-01 (50121741) Level 2
  • Functional Skills Maths & English (Level 2)

 Also included is:

  • Rail Specific PPE – Hard Hat (Blue), Hi-Vis Vest, Hi-Vis Trousers, Boots, Gloves, Eye & Ear protection

 On occasions employers also request additional training to take place during the duration of the course.

 This is a fantastic opportunity with the added advantage of the employer being able to offer positions at the end of the course based on individual performance, behavior, timekeeping & aptitude.

Suitable candidates are:

  • Aged between 16-24 and qualified below Level 3
  • Motivated to work and be passionate about the opportunity
  • Have little work experience.
  • Able to get to the Pendersons’ Training Centre, either by own transport or public transport

A traineeship is probably not right for candidates who:

  • Already have the skills and experience needed to find an apprenticeship or work.
  • Are 25 years old or older
  • Are already employed